SMSgt Bryan Raines

SMSgt Bryan Raines

Dates of Service: Dec 1982 - Dec 2009
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  • Amn Jun 83
  • A1C Nov 83
  • SrA Dec 84
  • Sgt Dec 85
  • SSgt Aug 86
  • TSgt Mar 95
  • MSgt Nov 00
  • SMSgt May 07

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Military Experiences

Sep 2007 - Oct 2009
59 SOS
Squadron Superintendent
Senior Enlisted in squadron. Advised commander on enlisted issues within squadron. Mentored 6 SNCOs on effective leadership and guidance for their subordinates. Reviewed/approved all enlisted performance reports, 125 annually/all enlisted awards and decorations for squadron. Surgical Service Command Functional Manager for Air Education and Training Command (AETC), provided career field guidance for 350 enlisted advised AETC Enlisted Medical Service manager on Surgical Service issues in command. Advised Surgical Service Career Field Manager on issues within AETC. Had oversight of all enlisted personnel deployments from within squadron.
Mar 2004 - Sep 2007
Career Development Course Writer
Authored/maintained 7 volume correspondence course for the 4N1X1, Surgical Service, Career Field. Advised 4N1X1 Career Field Manager (CFM) on all enlisted training issues within career field. Hosted Utilization and Training Workshops for career field. Responsible for ensuring 4N1X1 Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP) accurate and updated for CFM. Lead for development of 4N1X1 career field specific promotion tests for all E-7 and below.
Feb 2003 - Mar 2004
Flight Superintendent
Oversight of all enlisted in the Medical Flight in the 82 MDOS. Advised Flight Commander on enlisted issues.
Apr 1994 - Feb 2003
Taught surgical technician course to new trainees. Became Instructor supervisor (NCOIC). Wrote course materials, tests, and practical exams. Graduated over 700 trainees over tenure as instructor/instructor supervisor.

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