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PO3 Aaron Hassay

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Rough Seas courage dedication commitment guided me 18. HNRBL Discharge Jobless Homeless now Truth Reserve/Active citizen USA all on call 24/7 365 dy yr swore Oath Enlistment Defend Constitution 1788 "We the people...establish justice...general welfare...blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity" Declaration Independence 1776 "Secure...Governments...effect their safety, happiness.

Military Experiences

Apr 1995 - Mar 1999
USS Sides (FFG-14)
Boatswain's Mate Third Class (BM3)
This is where my life changed on this ship. I was still just 18 and served on her till 23. I became ill. To many things to list. I tried to switch to the Army by 22, but I could not pass the recruit physical at MEPS, and was sent back to the ship.
Sep 1994 - Mar 1995
USS Copeland (FFG-25)
My first ship decommissioned, within months of assignment. All my first initial shipmates disbursed. I was sort of stunned by this. I thought I was doing quite well on the ship.
May 1994 - Aug 1994
LPO position Meritorious Advanced e2 Graduate
We The People
Education for you: 1963 Congress Report Military Members Constitutional Rights https://www.loc.gov/rr/frd/Military_Law/pdf/const-rights-mil-pers.pdf 2014 Secretary Defense s “PTSD Upgrade Memo” http://arba.army.pentagon.mil/documents/SECDEF%20Guidance%20to%20BCMRs%20re%20Vets%20Claiming%20PTSD.pdf Yale Law School 2015 Unfinished Business Report Update Improvement due “PTSD Upgrade Memo” https://law.yale.edu/system/files/documents/pdf/unfinishedbusiness.pdf


(8 years, 1 month)
May 1994 - May 2002
deployements global

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Feb 1994 - Feb 2016

Resume of youth never questioning then blanked out then injured then find out decades later what happened now learning to walk and heal and grow with 20 years in between

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Feb 1994 - Feb 2010

PHD in trying to live