Maj Mike Sciales

Maj Mike Sciales

Dates of Service: Dec 1971 - Jul 2004
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  • CPL
  • Sgt Jan 73
  • SGT
  • SGT May 86
  • 2d Lt
  • 1st Lt Oct 88
  • Capt Feb 89
  • Maj Jun 96
Commissioning Source:  Direct Commission, 1988

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Started in security as a Gate Guard, got into ops. Became a civilian cop. Got my BA, got my JD. Did all manner of law, criminal, environmental, contracts, ops and loved real world ops. Extensive M.E.cultural experience, DoD & Civilian. Consult in region. Travel globally extensively. Looking for work - short term. Flexible, adaptable, good cultural SA

Military Experiences

Oct 1988 - Jul 2004
Training Officer
Prepare training materials (legal and general knowledge) for unit and wing.
Sep 2001 - Dec 2001
Project Officer
Responsible for the removal of Flash -07, the hulk of a C-130 that crashed twice, once at Ali al-Jaber AB (got airborne) and crashed again at Kuwait City Intn'l Airport.
Jun 1996 - Jul 1997
HQ 7th AF
Targeting Legal Advisor/Chief Mil Justice/Investigating officer
Worked on targeting team as legal advisor to review for weapon sufficiency and proportionality. The goal was always to reduce/avoid collateral damage and still take the target -- like not bombing the Orphanage for the Blind. Investigating duties as assigned by the Commander. Handled the liquor exchange with our S. Korean counterparts at the Holiday Season. Read the blotter to review what small crimes and misdemeanors might have occurred when the youth of America went out to party. Wasn't bad really.
Dec 1971 - Dec 1975
Security police
Gate guard, patrolman, desk sergeant, investigator. Participated in Operation Nickel Grass 1973 Yom Kippour War resupply of IDF, Vietnamese relocation project, Hurlbert Field, Fl, 1975


Started in 1996
Deployed as Advance Team SJA on first-ever USAF "Fly Away ORI" where a composite wing (test) deployed to establish air base operations within a 72 hour time limit.
Started in 1995
Bright Star 95
Deployed as Advance team SJA for establishing base and operations at Cairo West AB. Tasking including development of Air Tasking Orders, Law of War training.
Started in Jan 1992
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
Assigned as SJA, 4404th Ops Group, Elf-One compound, Riyadh Airport, KSA
Started in 1974
Vietnam War
Deployed as SP to Hurlburt Aux Field 2 and provided security for 5,000+ Vietnamese refugees brought into the USA after the fall of South Vietnam.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jul 1996 - Jul 1997

Air Command & Staff College Seminar

Jan 1993 - Jun 1994

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Mar 2000 - Apr 2000

Foreign Military Sales


May 1978

Oregon Basic Police Officer Certification

Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Ended in 1987

Univ of Idaho


Ended in 1982

Univ of South Florida

Bachelor's Degree, Criiminal Justice