PV2 Violet Case

PV2 Violet Case

Dates of Service: Jun 1978 - Aug 1979
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Rainy River Community College, Associates in Applied Science Degree, Took additional classes for writing policy procedure handbooks, leadership skills for women, some business law,conflict management and some accounting skills. In the past I worked at a window factory, went to college and once I relocated got a job starting as an administrative assistant, then moved to office manager and stress began to kick off my military PTSD. My short term memory began to get lost and I couldn't find it. Began to have more and more surgeries for kidneys, thyroid, stomach and more that the hospital janitors were joking with me that I should have a cot at the hospital waiting room.

Military Experiences

Feb 1979 - Aug 1979
Heavy Vehicle Operator 64 charlie 10
Drove heavy motor operator vehicles, certificate of training course #79-3 conducted in Feb on the International harvester 2000D commercial truck tractor and the M151A2/M35A2 Cargo truck and 8 hours of defensive national defense drivers training. I was also trained in the United states before going over to Germany but can not find that certificate to remember the dates. Driving Carriers, dusinhalfs, jeeps and more.
Nov 1978 - Aug 1979
Heavy Wheeled Vehicle Driver
Drove all over Germany, hauling all kinds of things for the military. Mostly drove a 2000d International Harvester 5 ton.
Aug 1978 - Nov 1978
AIT Student
Was in AIT for learning to drive heavy motor vehicles from jeeps, carriers, sedans, 5 tons. And spending time with the Airborne Rangers.
Jun 1978 - Aug 1978
female private
It was April 1978 When the legislature decided things would change for women to be trained equal with men. We were trained with hand grenades, m60 machine guns, m16 with grenade launchers, the law ect... Once seen that most women could do it they told us we would no longer be called WAC's in the future. I treasure my Palace of Athena badge they said it was the last of giving those out to wear on the collar anymore History: Discontinuance of the Women's Army Corps As a means of assimilating women more closely into the structure of the Army and to eliminate any feeling of separateness from it, the office of the Director, WAC was discontinued on 26 April 1978. The Women's Army Corps as a separate corps of the Army was disestablished on 29 October 1978 by an Act of Congress.

Military Credentials


Feb 1979

Certificate of training 106th transportation battalion drivers course

Jan 1979

certificate of training headstart Army Education Center

Jan 1979

certificate of training race relations Mainz Germany

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Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Rainy River community College

Associate Degree