MSgt Robert Pellam

MSgt Robert Pellam

Dates of Service: 1992 - Jun 2013
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21 years in Maintenance, from Rivet pounder to Paint thrower. Worked F-16's, F-15's, C-141's, C-5's, KC-135's, H-1's, H-60's, H-53's, C-130's, A-10's, C-17's. Worker, Supervisor, Project Manager, Floor Chief, Assistant Shop Chief, Shop Chief, QA, QA Lead, Contracting, Mentor.

Military Experiences

Jun 2003 - Jun 2004
51 MXS
Aircraft Structural Repairer
Structural repair on A-10's and F-16's. Shift Supervisor
Apr 1997 - Jun 2003
58 MXS
Aircraft Structural Repairer
Worked Structures on H-1, H-60, H-53 and C-130
May 1992 - Apr 1997
56 EMS
Aircraft Structural Repairer
Where I cut my teeth doing structural maintenance on F-16 and F-15E.
Started in 2004
437 MXS
Aircraft Structural Repairer
Lead Maintainer, Floor Chief, Shift Chief, Quality Assurance, Asst. Section Chief, Section Chief, Quality Assurance Lead Inspector, Contract Quality Assurance Inspector, DIFM Manager, Retired 2013

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2013 - 2016

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