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  • AB Nov 99
  • Amn May 00
  • A1C
  • SrA Nov 02
  • SSgt Jun 04
  • TSgt Apr 10
  • MSgt Aug 16


B1-B Flight Line Mechanic, Ellsworth AFB, SD; 28 MXG Debriefer, Ellsworth AFB, SD; Tool support personnel, 51 CMS, Osan AB, ROK; F-15E flight line mechanic, 48 AMXS, RAF Lakenheath, UK; TF34 ERRC, Shaw AFB, SC; Quality Assurance, 23rd MXG, Moody AFB, GA; Engine Management, 23rd MXG, Moody AFB, GA. FTD Instructor, RAF Lakenheath. Specialist Section Chief, 9th AMU, 7 AMXS, Dyess AFB.