LtCol Steve Luhrsen

LtCol Steve Luhrsen

Dates of Service: Apr 1982 - Nov 2014
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  • Sgt Feb 86
  • 2ndLt Dec 91
  • 1stLt Dec 93
  • Capt Aug 95
  • Maj Apr 01
  • LtCol Aug 07
Commissioning Source:  Enlisted-to-Officer, Dec 1991

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Drill Inst PMI/Small Arms Competitor MECEP (cum laude) OCS (Honors) TBS (honors) Infantry Officer Scout Sniper Trained Plat Cmnd: Rifle, Wpns (CAX), 81s (UDP) CO Hq (Haiti, B'port, Norway TBS: Offense, SPC, XO, Bn S-3 AWS CO: Hq Co; Co E, 2/8 (B'port, Greece) BLT S-3 (Kosovo) Div G-1A MOI CSC (DG) SAW Planner, (Fallujah) Dep AC/S, (Ramadi) XO, RCT (Helmand, Afg) Dep, J33, SOCOM