SGT Dennis H.

SGT Dennis H.

Dates of Service: Jul 2004 - Oct 2012
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  • PVT Jul 04
  • PV2 Jan 05
  • PFC Jul 05
  • SPC Jul 06
  • SGT Dec 09

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Military Experiences

Apr 2011 - Oct 2012
61st CHEM
Line platoon Team Leader in HAZ-MAT Recon Platoon until Medical Retirement
Dec 2010 - Apr 2011
61st CHEM
Fix Company CBRN program to meet and exceed inspection standards, then implement roll out of new Chem masks and turn in of old equipment.
Jun 2007 - Nov 2010
B Co
CBRN Specialist
CBRN NCO, OPS Clerk, OPS NCO, Schools NCO, Training NCO, CDR's Driver, Supply Clerk, Medical Readiness Officer, MEDPROS trainer for 8th TSC, MEDPROS oversight NCO/Officer, Heavy Equipment Operator, Asst. Armorer, Asst. Commo Almost every duty listed at the same time outside of Training NCO)
Jan 2005 - May 2007
CBRN Specialist
NBC NCO, OPS Clerk, Asst. Armorer, MWR Rep, CDR's Driver, Supply Clerk, Assistant Commo, Heavy Truck Operator, Heavy Equipment Operator, R&U Rep, Mail Clerk


(2 years, 1 month)
Nov 2008 - Nov 2009
OEF Iraq
CBRN NCO, OPS Clerk, Mail Clerk, MWR contact, Commo Asst., Armorer Asst., Supply Asst.
Dec 2005 - Nov 2006
Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF)
NBC NCO, Ops Clerk, Supply Clerk, Asst. Armorer (6 mos.) Armorer (6 Mos.), R&U, MWR Rep, Mail Clerk, Key Control NCO, Heavy Equipment Operator, Heavy Vehicle Operator

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