MSgt Bill Milligan

MSgt Bill Milligan

Dates of Service: Feb 1978 - Nov 2000
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Recently retired from GE Aviation (1 Aug) What a great place to work as a second carreer. I would also like everyone to know that GE is not only vet friendly but we actively recruit and are looking for military veterans in our various divisions. Check out GE for more. As aviation recovers there will be a a great opportunity for many.

Military Experiences

Nov 1998 - Nov 2000
334 FS
Specialist Flight Chief
* Managed, supervised, prioritized and controlled the activities of over 65 maintenance technicians from five different, avionics, engines and electro-environmental career fields, maintaining over 20 F-15E Strike Eagle aircraft. * Ensured that task qualification/certification for all assigned personnel was complete and accurate. * Directly involved in troubleshooting and repair of severe recurring problems, twelve impounded aircraft returned to service in minimum time. * Established in house program on own initiative to reduce radio and electronic warfare discrepancies;resulting in a 65% reduction in pilot reported discrepancies and a saving of 250K in labor and component
May 1995 - Nov 1998
48 OSS
Avionics Manger
Managed configuration control, planning and scheduling of various aircraft modification programs for 75 assigned F-15 C/D/E aircraft. Major programs completed included the modification of 104 conformal fuel tanks and the retrofit of a new heads up display system; both programs were completed 4 weeks ahead of schedule with minimal impact to the flying schedule and at a cost savings to the USAF. * Maintenance planner/production superintendent for the USAF/Boeing Peace Sun and Peace Fox sales program. Successfully delivered 50 F-15S and F-15I model aircraft on time to foreign customers. * Identified F-15E wing leading edge conformal coating deterioration problem, successfully sourced replacement coating for a first in the fleet field repair action.
Apr 1995 - Oct 1998
48 OSS
Avionics Maintenance Manager
Nov 1994 - May 1995
492 FS
Avionics Technician
* Performed line avionics maintenance, troubleshooting and repairs on F-15E aircraft * Supervised and oversaw training and qualification for apprentice avionics technicians.


(11 months)
Mar 1995 - Apr 1995
Operation Deny Flight
Avionics Technician for the 492 FS (deployed)
Apr 1994 - Aug 1994
Operation Southern Watch
Quality Assurance Inspector for the deployed Wing
Jan 1991 - Apr 1991
Southwest asia ribbon
Operation Desert Shield/Storm
F-15 Avionics Technician for the 32nd TFG (deployed)

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