SGT Infantryman (Airborne)

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Dates of Service: Jun 1965 - Jun 1971
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  • PVT Dec 65
  • PV2 Apr 66
  • PFC Jun 66
  • SPC Nov 66
  • SGT May 67

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1974 Worked at Good Year Chemicall Plant through 1983 1983 Bought a restaurant business in Brenham,Texas 1986 Went out of business due to the economy crash which affected the company due to lack of customers. 1986 Went back to Good Year as a shift foreman 1988 Huntsman chemical shift foreman and wrote safety procedures and start up and shutdown procedures 2000 Medical retirement due to PTSD.

Military Experiences

Jun 1966 - Jun 1967
Door Gunner
My responsibility as a door gunner was to maintain my M-60 machine guns for proper operation. I flew on a Huey helicopter. I was responsible for protecting my crew during air assaults and whenever we were away from our AO. We flew all types of sorties, including taking hot chow to the troops in the bush, picking up WIA and KIA, flying Air Assaults into villages and known enemy areas. During the last two weeks of my deployment, I flew at night,with a Starlight night scope, and looked for enemy movement around rivers and villages. When I observed enemy movement,I fired my M-60, with solid tracer rounds into them. We had two gunships as escorts, and they would fire rockets and their mini guns. I would observe again to see if there was anymore movement and the gunships would eliminate them.


(1 year, 1 month)
Jun 1966 - Jun 1967
Vietnam ribbon

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Apr 1966 - May 1966

Infantry AIT School , Fort Gordon, Ga.

Ended in Feb 1966

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 1966

Fort Benning, Ga.

Apr 1966 - May 1966

Ended in Apr 1966


Nov 1971

Discharge From USAR

Jan 1971

1967-1971 Inactive Reserves

Sep 1967

11B4P Team Leader A Co.1st BN.505th Infantry Ft. Bragg, NC.

Jul 1967

11B4P Team Leader B Co.3rd BN,187th Infantry Ft. Campbell, KY.

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