MAJ Ken Landgren

MAJ Ken Landgren

Dates of Service: Feb 1993 - Mar 2014
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  • SPC Feb 95
  • 2LT May 97
  • 1LT Jun 98
  • CPT Jul 00
  • MAJ Oct 05
Commissioning Source:  OCS, May 1997

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I grew up in Korea, Japan, and the Philippines as an Air Force brat. I played football, soccer, and wrestled. I had an unmitigated blast growing up in the Philippines. Our parents allowed us to go to bars at 14 there. My father and I explored parts of the Philippines, and the areas with no human contact were just stunning. I went to Texas for college. Then I joined the army and went to OCS.

Military Experiences

I started my army career in aviation and switched to tanks. I subsequently did budget work and closed out my 20 year career indulging in National Disaster Planning. I enjoyed the variety of work, although it was a pain to learn new jobs quickly. I feel fortunate to have started my career in combat arms. It forced me to lead by example, get dirty with the soldiers, understand OPORDS, use TLPs, and understand tactics. The army was a great place to hone my leadership skills. Take care of the soldiers. I loved them, I believe it was mutual. I have written the DFAS SOP on Supporting DSCA. I wrote a DTS Smart Book and gave file to the army. I spent a good 100 hours to write an extensive paper on PTSD Self Help. IF YOU HAVE PTSD, CHECK OUT THE PAPER I WROTE CALLED "LOVE SQUARED"


3 Deployments
Desert Storm, Intrinsic Action (Kuwait as a tanker), Iraq.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

67U, Green Platoon, OCS, Armor Officer Basic, CPTs career course, CGSC

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