PO2 David Allender

PO2 David Allender

Dates of Service: Jan 1962 - Dec 1971
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Received as part of the Team: Meritorious Unit Commendation Ribbon From SECNAV 14 Oct, 1968 Received as part of the Team: Electronic Excellence Award from ComCruDesFlot 8 23 Aug. 1971 Received Certificate of Appreciation CIC Richard M. Nixon 18 Dec. 1971 Received Letter of Commendation from Chief, Health Projects Staff March 27, 1978 Fire Fighter/EMT/Public Safety Officer/volunteer EMT on North Hamilton County ambulance/member of North Hamilton Country Rescue Squad/member of Soddy-Daisy volunteer Fire Department/Retired from TVA after 28 years/Moved to Mount Juliet, Tn-Worked as security officer for 13 years-retired July 2013 due to arthritis in back and knees. Retired after 53 years on the work force.


(8 years, 3 months)
Aug 1970 - Dec 1971
USS Wm. M. Wood DD-715
Lead NCO on watch. assisting the bridge by advising them of any and all surface craft in the area. Keeping enlisted awake in CIC and working their jobs on surface and air surveillance radars. Ensuring constant monitoring of ECM equipment. Deplayed to the Mediterranean Sea and black Sea. On Photo recon team (1971)
May 1968 - Aug 1970
USS Stickle DD-888
Lead NCO; Assisted Bridge When incoming signal arrived-break down and read the details of the signals and plot course to new station. maintained work order in CIC. trained new enlisted about their jobs. Carried out orders from the bridge. Deployed to the Middle East with ComDesDiv 102, Captain David E. Cummings, USN. (July 2, 1968-January 10, 1969)
Jan 1968 - May 1968
USS Charles F. Adams DDG-2
Was shift lead NCO. From getting vocal signals, I would read the break down of the order and plot course change to new station. got the personnel working as a team in CIC. Was aboard when deployed for missing submarine in April 1968. Requested transfer/ was relieved.
Dec 1966 - Dec 1967
USS Tutuila ARG-4
Senior NCO, in charge of COMTAC locker. Ensured crew did their jobs, both on cleaning and watch. Maintained watch for communications with PCF's and PTB's for repair, & Communications with CTF 116.6 at Vung Tau. Served in Viet Nam.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Feb 1966 - Oct 1966

Radarman "B"school

Jun 1962 - Mar 1963

Radaman "A" school

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Dec 1970

ASAC Course

Jul 1970

Crusiser-Destroyer Force Career Infomation-Norefolk, Va School

Apr 1968

ECm Supervisor school-Charleston, N.C.

Apr 1963

Heigth finding radar-Damneck, Virginia

Security Clearance
Top Secret

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1978 - 1980

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enjoy rallypointlistening to music with my wifestudying scripture and watching current events matching prophecywatching the military in action/ground and naval