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Dates of Service: Sep 1960 - Nov 1986
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  • Sgt Oct 62
  • SSgt May 64
  • 2d Lt Apr 67
  • 1st Lt Oct 68
  • Capt Apr 70
  • SSG Jul 78
  • SFC Jun 82
  • Capt Dec 02
Commissioning Source:  OTS, Apr 1967

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Joined the Air Force after High School. I was an illustrator, cartographic officer, and civil engineering officer. After 14 + years left and began civilian employment. As an engineer I worked as a facility manager, plant engineer, project engineer, and safety and health consultant. I also served in the Army Reserve for 8 1/2 years. In all I held 10 military ranks, 11 if one counts my retired rank I worked as a facility manager, plant engineer, project engineer, and safety and health consultant.

Military Experiences

Jul 1978 - Nov 1986
Cav Scout, Tanker, Engineer
I served in the Army Reserves in NE, IL, and IA. Mostly I served as a training NCO and administrative support to include section chief of the HQ section. I entered as an E-6 and then the grey area retirement as an E-7. 16 years after my last drill I entered full retirement as an O-3.
Jul 1972 - May 1975
Civil Engineer Officer
Designed and managed projects for base improvements.
Nov 1969 - Jul 1972
Strategic Air Command (SAC)
Cartographic Officer
I was the staff officer responsible for the Series 200 Air Target Charting Program. The charts were produced at three locations. I was also responsible for the quality control of the charts.
May 1967 - Oct 1969
Cartographic Officer
I worked in horizontal control, quality control, and planning. Our staff developed the shaded relief program for the series 200 Air Target Planning charts.


(2 years, 1 month)
Feb 1962 - Feb 1964
Primarily statistical drafting (Charts and graphs)

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Topographic Engineers Officers Course


Certified Plant Engineer (CPE)

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1964 - 1967

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