SGT Robert R.

SGT Robert R.

Dates of Service: Aug 1988 - Apr 1997
100% Complete
14 Endorsements
115 Contacts
Influence Score: 128,749
664 out of 844,242 Veterans
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  • PVT Aug 88
  • PV2 1989
  • PFC 1989
  • SPC 1990
  • SGT 1994


Served in the US Army from 1988 to 1997, in Military Intelligence. My calling is a veteran advocate. All-American Post Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars, currently elected to Texas VFW, District 1 Jr. Vice Commander, and appointed as the POW/MIA; MAPS; and Homeless Chairs. Be the change you want to see in the world. We win together. Currently working on my Cybersecurity Analyst certifications.