MSgt Mike Lucht

MSgt Mike Lucht

Dates of Service: Sep 1980 - Jan 2003
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  • AB Sep 80
  • Amn Feb 81
  • A1C Jul 81
  • SrA Nov 84
  • SSgt Feb 87
  • TSgt Nov 94
  • MSgt Oct 99

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23 years in the USAF as a Crew Chief, Expeditor, Flight Chief, and Production Superintendent. Retired to the private sector to contractor to the USAF performing transient alert duties stateside and abroad. Performed MRO work in the commercial market on military and airline aircraft, enjoyed working on commercial aircraft being used to the utmost of my ability as an A&P.

Military Experiences

Oct 1994 - Jan 2003
965 AACS
E-3 Dedicated Crew Chief
Back to where I started, fell in love got married, had kids, stayed deployed until I retired . Finally got promoted. I retired after being at the tip of the spear for 9 years. Experienced 9/11 launching everything we had and staying aloft for 22 hours watching a empty radar screen with no other planes in the air. Was lucky enough to see my children born between deployments but missed them as young children.
Apr 1992 - Oct 1994
KC-135A Crew Chief
My favorite base, the upper peninsula of Michigan, got a whole new definition of lake effect snow. Loved crewing the KC-135A after being with E-3's and C-137's. Relaxed environment and close camaraderie with our aircrews. Numerous ETTF's to England , great to be close to my Wisconsin family. Lived on a cabin on a lake and caught my dinner every night. Paradise.
Apr 1991 - Apr 1992
960 AACS
E-3/KC-135 Crew Chief
On the Rock, supported alert mission of E-3's and KC-135's to intercept Russian Bear bombers entering the Icelandic ADIZ. Miss the northern lights and the midnight sun. Icelandic women are the most beautiful in the world.
Nov 1986 - Apr 1991
89 MXG
C-137 Crew Chief
Back on 707's that flew the President of the United States, Vice President, Cabinet Secretary's and high ranking government officials. Was seated 5 rows forward of history being made. Saw people on my jet that people only saw on Sunday morning news shows. Wax on Wax Off. East coast attitude for a mid west guy, glad to leave after 5 years. Saw Soviet Premier Gorbachev and POTUS Reagan on the ramp at there. The POW's from Desert Storm all came home on my assigned jet.


(4 years)
Sep 2001
Operation Noble Eagle
Flew E-3 combat sorties in CONUS
Sep 2001 - Oct 2001
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) - Afghanistan
Production Superintendent of E-3's
Dec 1998
Operation Desert Fox
Being in AWACS and always deployed these were part of my Southern Watch duties
Aug 1996 - Nov 1996
Saudi Arabia
Was part of a ADVON team that set up mx operations in Prince Sultan AB to move assets from Riyadh

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Professional Development Schools

Jan 1996 - Feb 1996

Jul 1987 - Aug 1987

Security Clearance