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SGT Dave Tracy

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While not a Type A personality, I know hard work, and have had a wide variety of military and civilian work and life experiences that I utilize in both my career and life. I have lead others both in the Army and as a civilian. My leadership, analytical and managerial experience along with my formal education provide me advantages and perspectives that some may not possess.

Military Experiences

Jan 2013 - May 2017
Team Leader
88M. Team leader. Our primary mission was bulk fuel hauling utilizing the Army's M195A5 truck.
2011 - Dec 2012
B Co
Team Leader
Rifleman. Driver/Gunner M-ATV, MAXX-PRO.
Jan 2010 - 2011
B Co
Rifleman/Bradley Crewman
My 2-1AD experiences were quite varied; team leader, squad leader, Bradley gunner & driver, rifleman. I was the 40th person in the brigade, and one day--as an E4 mind you--I was placed in charge of 2-1AD for a day. My duty that day was just accountability & notes, but how many new E4s in history can technically claim they were in command of a brigade in the US Army? 2-1AD became the Army’s testing brigade & as such we were “fenced in” (could not leave) for a set period of time; my understanding is the fence is 48 months now. Once the fence was lifted, I had so little time left in my contract that I wouldn’t be PCSing anyway, thus my whole time as an infantryman, in a time of a 2 front war, was spent at Ft. Bliss. My only unit movement being from 1-6IN 2-1AD to 1-35AR 2-1AD.

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Academic Degrees

Ended in 2003

Ended in 2003

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Lakewood Community College

Associate Degree, General Studies