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I am still a new technician to Radar so all I am working on mostly is to complete my CDC's and OJT's. As a radar technician I work on most Aircraft radar equipment on the ground as well as the National Weather Service radar, or Doppler Radar. I work on transmitters that put out 650-700 kWpwr As well as my main job I have multiple additional duties which include safety, ESD, and Technical Orders.

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Sep 2019 - Present
Jun 2014 - Sep 2019
Ground Radar Apprentice
Here I am working on the Doppler Radar for the NWS along with my additional duties of ESD, TO's, and Safety. I am on call so on weekends or late at night if the radar goes go down the NWS will call and we go out to fix the problems. The radar covers 200NM and over 120 counties in the state of Texas.
Nov 2013 - Jun 2014
338 TRS
This is basically the equivalent of A school for the Navy. This is where I learned more about the Air Force culture as well as learned how to do my job. I learned the basics of radar systems as well as received college credits for my associates degree in Electronic Engineering.


Have yet to go on a deployment.

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