Maj Bill Smith, Ph.D.

Maj Bill Smith, Ph.D.

Dates of Service: Jun 1966 - Aug 1988
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Influence Score: 862,490
174 out of 860,445 Veterans
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  • Amn Jun 66
  • A1C May 67
  • SrA 1968
  • SSgt Jul 69
  • 2d Lt Aug 71
  • 1st Lt Feb 73
  • Capt Aug 75
  • Maj Jun 83
Commissioning Source:  OTS, Aug 1971

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Presently enjoying life in the Arkansas Ozarks. Busy maintaining our place, handling current clients and political activities. I am a national writer and blogger. I have advised numerous political campaigns. I am thankful for my years in the military as they opened my eyes to the world and provided me with access to education and the opportunity to experience challenging positions.

Military Experiences

Jul 1985 - Jul 1988
Director Acquisition & Contracting
Director of Acquisition and Contracting for the the $2.2 Billion European F-16 Aircraft Co-Production Program and the manufacture of aircraft parts and assemblies at 45 plants in Belgium, The Netherlands, Denmark and Norway. Also responsible for oversight of all DOD contract regardless for the military occurring in these 45 manufacturing plants/ and responsible for all Air Force contracts regardless of the location in the prior listed countries and in Sweden. Also the sole person responsible for certification of currency exchanges between the US Contractors and European contractors in the F-16 program. Possessed an unlimited warrant. [Position was a FMS case and granted diplomatic status by the U.S. and these four countries.]

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Ended in Aug 1979

Academic Instuctor School

Ended in Feb 1979

War College Strategy & Policy

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Ended in Oct 1979

Base Procurement Officer

Ended in Jun 1979

Defence Acquistions School

Ended in Jul 1978

Contract Administration

Ended in Jun 1977

Air Force Labor Relations


Mar 1982

Certified Cost Analyst

Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

Ended in 1976

Ended in 1971

University of Oklahoma

Bachelor's Degree, BBA / Production