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SSG Leo Bell

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  • PVT Feb 89
  • PV2 Jan 90
  • PFC Sep 90
  • SPC Jun 92
  • SGT Dec 94
  • SSG Nov 99

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Supporting our military thru training them on the DMPTR as a computer operator. Supporting our veterans anyway possible. Trying to be a better person and a person that the young people can look up to in the community and be a role model to the younger one who doesn't have a father figure in there lives. Just wanting to see our young people do better and get something out of life. Try to help out those less fortunate and be a good leader to the younger generation. Support our military when ever possible

Military Experiences

Aug 1994 - Aug 1998
Mortor Gunner
Provide indirect fire in support of the infantry platoons. Insuring you knew how to operate the 60mm mortor tubes and how to read a map to get the proper grid to fire at. Learn how to adjust the distance and the height of the round being fired.
Apr 1992 - Jul 1994
Food Service Specialist
Prepare food for the incoming personal arriving at Fort Bragg and the permanent party personal. Follow receipt instructions to make the food by the books to be served. Insure the food is kept at proper temperature so the food was hot when served. Making sure you have food for back up so you would not run out to insure everyone ate. Prep for for the next meal to be cook so when one meal was done i.e. ( breakfast could be completed and you were ready to set up to cook lunch) you would just move into the next meal with out having to stop clean up the prep again. Bring in rations for the shifts for the meals to be prepared. Go to the proper place and get the rations that were need for the three to four days to have on hand. I would do a ration pick up twice a week. Rotate stock that we had on hand. Bring the older food to the front while moving the new food to the rear. Doing inventory twice a week to know what is on hand and what needs to be ordered. Order the items that were needed for pickup two day in advance to make sure in my pick up day they would be in stock. Working with my Sr. NCO to insure everything is n stock and to go over up coming special events that I would have to get special food for.
Aug 1990 - Mar 1992
Lance Missle Crew Member
Train on the specific of how the Missle work, learn all the components of the Missle. Learn to mate the warhead to the fuel body of it. Learn how to use the boom in the track and special procedures to lift and mate. Train on putting the Missle from the A&T track the the launcher track or in the LZL. Learn to drive the track and do proper convoy procedures. Learn how to store the Missle and what safety precautions to take when inspecting the Missle in the bunker area and in the firing area. Learn proper lifting technics for unpacking the Missle from its shipping container so you will not hurt yourself.
Jun 1990 - Aug 1990
Lance Missle training school


(3 months)
Jun 1991
Live fire exercise for lance member crews. We would deploy there and on the first day the A&T crews would go up and start there testing by putting there missile together. Making sure you had the cradle in the proper place for the warhead you were working with. Matting the warhead with the fuel part of the Missle. Once done we had to load them on the launcher tracks with the right cradle set to hold the Missle. On day two the launch section would go thru there test on doing function checks and relaunch checks to insure the Missle was ready to be fired. On day three we would all go in the hill to the launch area and sit in the glass house and watch the launch section do the real launch testing and fire off the test Missle. Once everything was completed we would get our grade and find out how we did in our NATO rating.
Jan 1990 - Feb 1990
Pulled guard duty during operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm at a remote base in Germany. Doing rotating guard shifts of 8hrs. Walking around the base and the airfield. Insuring that the base was safe and the housing area was safe as well, while staying physically fit and ready for a APFT test.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Apr 2011

Police Special Response Team

Mar 2010 - May 2010

Raytheon Six Sigma

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 1993 - Sep 1993

Culinary Cooking school

Jun 1992 - Aug 1992

Jun 1990 - Aug 1990

Lance Missile Crew Member Course (15D) (13N)

May 1989 - Aug 1989

Food Service Course

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Spanish (2/1+)

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