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My political goal is getting government out of our private lives, by reducing the size and spending of government regulatory agencies that regulate the same things, as well as ridding the tax burden payroll, which those regulatory agencies create and also moving to a one page tax system, and so much more listed here http://www.davidtippie.com

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I am a Nature-O-Path and that means I follow the laws of Nature. I am a professional Bioidentical Hormone Therapy expert and I am a Detoxification Expert and both have professional laboratory test results to determine the negative level and the follow up test to show results; for hormones it is saliva panel test and for Detoxification the testing is Hair Forensic Analysis; my website is https://www.AgingYounger.net. I have thrown my hat in the ring as a presidential candidate for 2016 and I write my plan here: https://www.davidtippie.com