PO2 Kenneth Keeton

PO2 Kenneth Keeton

Dates of Service: Sep 1988 - Sep 1994
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Grew up in Eastern Kentucky, Joined Navy at 18 Yrs of age, Served 6 years Active duty. Been Married since Jan 1992 have two Son's. Moved to Central Kentucky Area whenever my service ended in 1994. I love God, my Wife and Children, and my extended family, and serving in my local church.

Military Experiences

Feb 1993 - Aug 1994
USS Peterson (DD-969)
Boarding Team Member
Member of VBSS Team during Operation Southern Watch in Red Sea AO participating in over 120+ boarding ops and then again in the Caribbean Area during Operation Support Democracy.
Oct 1992 - Aug 1994
USS Peterson (DD-969)
Division Supply Clerk
Maintained Database for All Equipment Maintenance Support Modules. Ordered all necessary parts and equipment for Combat Systems Acoustics.
Jan 1992 - Aug 1994
USS Peterson (DD-969)
Ship Security Force
Part of Security Reaction Force and Roving Security for Nuclear Weapons Capable platform.


(11 months)
May 1994 - Aug 1994
Operation Support Democracy stationed off coast of Haiti to enforce embargo and provide rescue to Haitians trying to flee the country in dilapidated/make shift boats. Intercepted the Sea Going tug "Sea Searcher" trying to tow another ship to Dominican waters which had previously been disabled by a round fired from A USCG vessel.
Feb 1993 - Aug 1993
Red Sea
Maritime Interdiction Force enforcing UN sanctions against Iraq. Onboard USS Peterson DD 969. Conducted retaliatory strike against Iraq with 14 TLAMs along with USS Chancellorsville firing 9 TLAMs from the Persian Gulf.

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Mar 1991 - Aug 1991

AN/SQQ-53B Sonar Operator (NEC-0413)

Jan 1990 - Dec 1990

AN/SQS-26CX-53A Active Passive Sonar (NEC 0454)

Mar 1989 - Jul 1989

Jan 1989 - Mar 1989

Sonar Technician 'A" school

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
None / Expired