Capt Seid Waddell

Capt Seid Waddell

Dates of Service: Sep 1967 - Apr 1972
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  • 2d Lt Dec 67
  • 1st Lt Jun 69
  • Capt Dec 70
Commissioning Source:  OTS, Dec 1967

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Semi-retired. Still assist with research as required. Medical product design and development; machine design; process design; medical research.

Military Experiences

Jul 1971 - Apr 1972
Weapons Controller
Air intercepts, air refueling, combat air flight control. Break down, transport, set up operations on deployments
Jul 1970 - Jul 1971
Weapons Controller
Air intercepts, air refueling, combat air flight control, scramble SAR resources as required.
Sep 1968 - Jul 1970
OIC, Military Land Test Ranges.
OIC, Military Land Test Ranges. Support aircrew training in bombing, strafing, skip bombing, and rocket firing. Support development and testing of new ordnance. Support heavy bomb range operations.
Dec 1967 - Sep 1968
Weapons Controller
Control aircraft on test ranges.


(1 year, 1 month)
Vietnam ribbon
Jul 1970 - Jul 1971
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Weapons Controller - intercepts, air refueling, SAR coordination, bombing, monitoring combat air traffic. Senior Director of Charlie crew.

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1963 - 1967

University of Arizona

Bachelor's Degree, Pre-Medicine