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chances are training would be better placed in the hands of our returning soldiers speak out of turn i doubt it folks!Current EventsGraduation cap EducationFood logo Food/ChowJon Jobsmay we allow our soldiers to speak their views wth out punishmentGetakwwcoach MentorshipF3af5240 Military Historynews lies to us stop staging these war zone for the mass media psychotics !6262122778 997339a086 z PoliticsStar PromotionsPerform to serve navy career wise training presentation transcript 34614 PTSreally sex scandals have been hush hushed as they promote women give me a break integrity is what our soldiers went in for may they come out wth integrity!send these brave and tired to college for free. after graduation help them find a job they can call their career and earn their keepsupport of our military membersthere should be ground zero people running this nation who have not worn & lived in the boots of a solider !Train2 TrainingMilitary civilian 600x338 TransitionVeteranswell veterans want to mentor santa cruz county ca closed the vets hall sob !when a solider has been well trained to operate an ambulance give them a job in their community stop stalling their transitionswho reads this anyway? mitt romney dodged the draft bill clinton ever been to boot camp