LTC Stephen C.

LTC Stephen C.

Dates of Service: Aug 1969 - May 1998
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Influence Score: 18,780
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  • SPC May 70
  • CPL Aug 70
  • SGT Aug 71
  • 2LT Jun 73
  • 1LT Jun 76
  • CPT Jun 81
  • MAJ Aug 87
  • LTC Aug 94
Commissioning Source:  OCS, Jun 1973


I went from BCT to AIT (11C), jump school and then to SFTG, qualifying as an SF weapons sergeant (then a heavy weapons specialist). 3 years later, I was commissioned a 2LT in the Signal Corps after completing OCS, and then served for over 24 years in the Signal Corps. I served 3 years as a qualified PSYOP officer and 4 years as a detailed inspector general within the 24 years. Senior Parachute Rigger (Chest), FAA, USDOT

Military Experiences

Nov 1994 - Jan 1998
Regional Emergency Staff Officer
Served as a RESO for the National Communications System (NCS). The NCS was an office then subordinate to the United States Department of Defense and charged with enabling national security and emergency preparedness communications using the national telecommunications system. The NCS was disbanded by Executive Order 13618 on July 6, 2012.
Jan 1991 - Sep 1994
125th ARC
Deputy Inspector General
Assigned to the 125th Army Reserve Command. Assisted the Inspector General and acted for the Inspector General in his absence.
May 1990 - Dec 1990
95th TD
Deputy Inspector General
The organization was then designated the 95th Division (TNG) and was headquartered in Oklahoma City, OK. Assisted the Inspector General and acted for the Inspector General in his absence.
Jan 1989 - Apr 1990
75th IC
Umpire/Controller-Operations & Chief Writer
Served as the Umpire/Controller-Operations & Chief Writer for the 95th Maneuver Training Command (MTC) Signal Team, writing, publishing and umpiring assigned company and battalion level exercises. The 95th MTC was subordinate to what was then the 75th Maneuver Area Command (MAC), and we wore their SSI.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Jun 1995

DOD Emergency Preparedness Course

Individual & Special Skill Schools

Apr 1970 - Sep 1970


Mar 1970 - Apr 1970

Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1967 - 1977

Auburn University

Bachelor's Degree