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At this stage of the game it is time to have fulfillment and joy from one's work....At least I have talked myself into that. So, My brother and I are going to be Restoring vintage and muscle cars, vintage Chris-Crafts, Lymans, Century's etc. as well as and probably the bulk of our projects will be fine furniture. By the way, I've seen a lot and done a lot so feel free to ask away any subject..

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Oct 2015


Aug 2005

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Aug 2005

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Aug 2005

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Oct 2004 - Present
We Repair, Refinish and Restore Vintage Furniture, Transportation and Americana.... If your going to work for yourself you may as well have fun doing it!
Started in May 2004
Hollywood Closets and Built-ins and Heirloom Quality Furniture Repairs and Restorations