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Army Veteran with 34 years of service. Mark is a Amazon Best selling author of the book Warriors Code 001 that outlines the 7 vital steps to Veteran Resilience. He is also an international Best Selling Author in the book "I Am Still Here" an international speaker, World Civility Ambassador and CEO and founder of My Silver Boots ®, a business that focuses on building resilience and transition for Veterans and others. He has two additional books in publication, one being selected as a 2017 #readtolead top leadership book by the SVP of Creative Development at HarperCollins. The upcoming second book Warrior's CODE 001 shares the 7 steps to resilience. Both books were also just selected as a pick for November 2018 by the largest book club in the world and recently published in Parade Magazine. Certified Success Principles coach, Masters Degree in Organizational Management, Concordia University, St Paul, Minnesota, and a Juris Doctor from William Taft University, Sana Ana, California.

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