SPC Kevin Ford

SPC Kevin Ford

Dates of Service: Aug 1986 - Aug 1990
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  • PVT Aug 86
  • PV2 Feb 87
  • PFC May 87
  • SPC Sep 87


Thought leader in emerging technologies, speaker and instructor. I help get people pointed in the right direction and give them the support they need to keep going. I work in four areas: internal evangelism, external evangelism, delivery support and sales support for a medium sized consulting company (500-1000 employees).

Military Experiences

Mar 1988 - Aug 1990
Intelligence (S2)
Maintained security clearances, monitored physical security and worked on creating the BN level intelligence product for an aviation unit. My first work on a DOS based computer was done here as well as an introduction to DBase and Lotus 123. The work I did at the 3-25 was the primary driver for changing my career plans from becoming an Aerospace Engineer to the software development field. The way the rest of my life played out was deeply influenced by my time in Ft. Drum. Sometimes I wish I could say hello again to SGM Douglas. He probably doesn't think some of the things he said to me got through that thick head of mine, but they did.
Feb 1987 - Feb 1988
Intelligence Analyst
Monitored reports from several assets, analyzed their importance and wrote reports on suspected movement and activities of a live intelligence target. While the work was always hard in the 2nd ID, I have always considered it some of my most interesting work that I did in the Army and it is the time in service I am the most proud of.
Oct 1986 - Feb 1987
AIT Student
Trainee learning how to be an analyst. These were the days of mostly manual intelligence work with very little use of computers. This was my first professional introduction to a computer in a work environment, using the Microfix system.
Aug 1986 - Oct 1986
Basic Trainee
Becoming a soldier, getting yelled at, doing PT, learning basic soldiering skills and generally trying to finish without being noticed in the wrong types of ways. Thank you Drill Sgt. Simpson.

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Aug 1987

United States Army Mountaineering and Rappelling Course Cheju-Do Island ROK

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Top Secret/SCI or higher

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Academic Degrees

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Associate Degree, MIS

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