PO2 Robert Cuminale

PO2 Robert Cuminale

Dates of Service: Jul 1971 - Jul 1975
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My career now is Retiree and then Worm Food. I retired fairly well off with no debts. Married 43 years as on 9/9/ 2015. I made it this far despite being born to a 15 y/o girland being the oldest of 8 kids. I have a GED and everything was OJT education. My father was a Paranoid schizophrenic. F--K Obama. I did it all on my own and didn't get anything I wasn't willing to work for. F--K Hillary too.

Military Experiences

Sep 1971 - Jul 1975
You name it I did it. Electric shop, Telephone Exchange, Water and Sewage Plants, Machine Shop, Two different Power Plants, drove generators to the radio sites in the mountains, Antenna Farm Maintenance, Spliced power, telephone and coax cable, Assistant Master At Arms at Admin at night and weekends, Duty maintenance watch after hours. drove buses, semis etc. Department clerk, maintenance scheduler. Small base. few people, lots of things to be done with a wide scope. After I was laid off I used all the skills to open my own business in Telecom equipment and voice and data cabling. I also bought and sold houses. I live in Charlotte and have an ocean front near Camp Lejeune. Son is a Civil Engineer in DC.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

May 1951 - May 2015

School Of Hard Knocks.

Individual & Special Skill Schools

No special schools, No "A" schools

Foreign Language Skills

Speak some Dutch and French, S

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Top Secret

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