PFC Joseph Huber

PFC Joseph Huber

Dates of Service: Oct 1971 - Jul 1973
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  • PVT Dec 71
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Retired King Crab Fisherman and Derrick hand on Oil Rigs in Alaska. Before that, There was that whole Army thing where I served as a Ordnance man, Everything from the 105 to a 45. "Courage Conquers" Worked as a King Crabber in the Bering Sea in Alaska for 10 years and on Oil Rigs in Alaska and all over the Midwest for a combined 10 years. Worked also as a Merchant Marine on a Danish Cargo Freighter, M/V "Hella Skou" for two years and on a Tug Boat in the Gulf of Mexico for a year. I held a Z card during this period of time and went to many countries with various cargo's

Military Experiences

Ordnance Technician
Worked Ordnance, 45-K-20, for forty M-60 series Tanks and 3 M-113 A.P.C.'s Not much to say about it. You break it...I fix it. I enjoyed my M.O.S. due to the constant change and although I was an Ordnance man, The Tankers would have a spot for me now and then and the Lt. liked me because I could keep his Tank running. Best Job I've ever had. I had my 17th birthday on Sept. 21st. and became a Soldier on Oct. 12th.


Worked my M.O.S. and kept a low profile.

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Feb 1972


45-K-20 Ordnance

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