SCPO David Lockwood
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SCPO David Lockwood

Dates of Service: Jul 1982 - Jul 2008
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  • SR Jul 82
  • SA Jan 83
  • SN Jul 83
  • PO3 Apr 84
  • PO2 Apr 85
  • PO1 Sep 90
  • CPO Sep 95
  • SCPO Sep 01

Recent Activity  -


Selected as the Carrier Obsolescence Logistician based on his more than twenty-six years of experience in the maintenance, operation and testing of US Navy shipboard HM&E systems and equipment. He currently provides valuable research and technical support for all Obsolescence issues specific to Aircraft Carriers. He supports the NSWCCD-SSES DMSMS Manager and PMS-312 (PEO Carriers).

Military Experiences

Jun 1992 - Jul 2008
Leading Chief Petty Officer Aircraft Launch and Recovery Equipment (ALRE) Division
Managed multiple work centers and supervised 250 personnel in the maintenance of hydraulic components, catapults, and arresting gear on board a U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier. Inspected and lubricated launch and recovery equipment; replaced packing and seals on catapults and arresting gear; rigged and installed barricades. Scheduled and coordinated over 150,000 planned maintenance actions on arresting gear and arresting gear engines utilizing maintenance cards, technical manuals and maintenance directives.
Jan 2004 - Oct 2006
ALRE Advanced School Leading Chief Petty Officer
Managed 25 personnel in all aspect of teaching/learning activities in schools training centers. Supervised the curriculum development of seven course taught. Oversaw the writing of learning objectives, prepared test items, evaluated instructional materials and the results of instruction and counsels students on academic learning problems. Coordinated a rigorous schedule to convert all training classrooms to a computer based training format. This upgrade will enable students to become more involved with their own training. Managed a one 500,000 dollar upgrade to schools simulator.
2000 - 2003
USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)
Group Supervisor/Maintenance Liaison and Coordinator
Served as liaison between multiple organizations and facilitated over 850 mechanical work permits while maintaining all systems at optimum performance. Identified numerous procedural discrepancies; determined a plan of action and effected corrective measures. Coordinated research, removal and replacement of defective components Lead the development of new maintenance processes, resulting in 25% reduction of labor. Developed and implemented training program which enabled work group to maintain a 150% manning of equipment. Acknowledged for having the best maintenance program on the West Coast.
1997 - 2000
NAS Atsugi
Facilities Manager
Directed and supervised the overhaul of three E-28 Arresting Gear Engines, three Optical Landing Systems, increasing equipment readiness and saving the Navy over 235,000 dollars. Identified extreme shortfalls in force protection procedures leading to the development and implementation of anti-hijacking procedures. Developed and incorporated an automated manifest program, this increased accuracy and decreased flight delays. Received “Outstanding” grades during every inspection held during tenure. Inspectors stated “The best facility they have seen in the past four years”.


(2 years, 11 months)
Dec 2006 - May 2008
Dec 2001 - May 2002
Nov 1992 - Mar 1993
Nov 1986 - Apr 1987
Indian Ocean

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Oct 2006 - Nov 2006

Security Clearance

Civilian Experiences

Oct 2008 - Present
Researches obsolescence issues utilizing numerous web sites and data bases to identifying solutions, prepare Technical Data Packages, and make recommendations to the In Service Engineering Activity for validation. Research identified substitute parts, alternate sources as well as parts not being obsolete, avoided a total cost of over $86,000,000 to the Navy. Interprets data gathered from various logistics data sources and databases, to accurately assess logistic impacts of possible obsolescence issues. Experience using CDMD-OA, Logiquest, Excel, WEBFLISS, ILSMART, and DOD EMALL
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