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I worked in Planning, Logistics, Risk Assessment, Preparedness, EMS, Emergency Management in mission support for six Federal agencies: DHS/NJ1-DMAT; DHHS/NDMS/NJ1-DMAT; State Dept Subcontractor on bases in Erbil and Sather, Iraq; DoD Subcontractor GTMO Naval Base; DHS/FEMA – Disaster Generalist then CR; also subcontracted for Customs and Border Patrol for Medical during Ebola outbreak.

International Experience

(6 months)
Dec 2011 - Mar 2012
Erbil and Sather, Iraq
EMT/Equipment Logistician - OIF/OEF: Analyzed CCP supply needs in Iraq; identified additional locations, using Army Field Manual and military base data on medications, supplies, etc. Oversaw service & supply contracts; managed special projects. Shipped/received cargo. Coordinated supply movements & medical transports, worked with Dos, DoD, etc. Created equipment logistics documentation. Worked with DoS personnel to find alternative supply routes. Managed patient admissions & aeromedical transport back to US at Sather medical facility.
Jan 2010 - Feb 2010
Haiti Earthquake 1/13/10
Stationed at Petionville w/the 82nd Airborne 173rd Division, we set up medical tents & treated patients. I worked under Logistics Section Chief, creating an effective tracking tool when the computer holding the list of supplies & the container numbers was inoperable. Performed triage w/up to 600+ patients in 1 day. Treated 22,000 PTs in 13 days

Civilian Experiences

Feb 2015 - Jan 2017
I dispatch Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services to the citizens of the city of Passaic, NJ. Follow established police, fire, and EMD SOPs and NJ state Guidelines. Determine amount of resources needed for different incidents, utilizing additional resources: OEM, Red Cross, DPW, Sewer Dep't., Passaic Valley Water Commission, Dep't. of Transportation, PC Prosecutor's Office, PC Sheriff's Dep't., surrounding towns, Counties, and State Police resources.