Cpl James Waycasie

Cpl James Waycasie

Dates of Service: Feb 1979 - Feb 1983
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  • Pvt Feb 79
  • PFC May 79
  • LCpl Jan 80
  • Cpl Mar 81

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After leaving the USMC, I spent part of my time working as a Master Technician in the carpet Mill Industry. I then spent numerous years in retail management. I have been in Management with Kmarts ( Salaried Area Manager) Grocery manager for both Winn Dixie and Food lion, Store Manager for both Fred's and Family Dollar. I have spent several years teaching Bible and owned painting business 10 years.

Military Experiences

Jun 1981 - Sep 1981
Senior Corporal acting as Platoon Sgt
While stationed at Camp Foster I was third Squad leader. For some reason when our Sgts rotated out there was a mix up and no Sgts roatated in. at the age of 19 I found myself the Senior Corporal and was positioned by my First Lt to be the Platoon Sgt until some Sgts rotated in. At 19 I was in charge of 48 men and millions of dollars of various heavy equipment.


(9 months)
Jan 1981 - May 1981
South korea
South Korea
While stationed at Camp Foster, myself, PCF Barnes, and LCPL McBride were deployed to Inchon Korea as an advance party during team Spirit shared with the South Korean Military. The three of us worked four days non stop unloading ships, trains, and planes stationing equipment and gear for the Westpac Units that would be arriving for the operation
Oct 1979 - Jan 1980
Coastal waters near the Middle East
I was detailed to Maps 7 during the Iranian Crisis when stationed with the 3rd Marine Airwing at MCAS El Toro

Military Credentials

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 1979 - Aug 1979

Ft Leonardwood Mo. Marine Liazon Engineer School.


Mar 1982

MCI for Individual Protective measures

Feb 1982


Oct 1980


Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees


NorthWest Georgia Technical College

Job/Skill Training, Semi Truck Operation School


Murata Technical School Charlolette N.C.

Job/Skill Training


Schlaforst Techinal School Charolette N.C.

Job/Skill Training