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SrA Scott Baer

Ely, UK
Dates of Service: Jul 1980 - Jul 1984
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29150 Telecommunications Operator Specialist

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Jul 1980 - Jul 1984
Telecommunications Specialist
Little of my 4 years would be of much interest to most Vets, but for myself, receiving a particular TS message in October 83' stood out in a big way.... I received/sorted the message concerning the 1st Battalion 8th Marines who beyond tragically lost 220 Marines, 18 Sailors and 3 Soldiers; along with 58 French military personnel, 6 civilians and 2 terrorists...Remember being a sucky day and prayers going out.... It was obviously a shocking message to receive as we as a nation had not been in any attacks since Nam..If recall correctly President Reagan was all over that one behind the scenes...


(3 years, 8 months)
Dec 1980 - Jul 1984
RAF Wethersfield, UK
Telecom Operator Specialist, and was Operator 16 at the switchboard for 2 yrs. Unfortunately not the greatest of support for younger Airmen in our Squadron, and a supervisor that frustratingly massively abused his power was the main reason for my giving up on my plans to stay in to retirement. Incredibly, recently became friends on facebook with a girl who I worked with, and her experience was even worse. Actually apologized to me for not following through on a serious complaint about this individual. That is that for whining as other than that, I loved the military and massively regret allowing myself to be pushed out. Young and stupid I

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