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GySgt Carl Rumbolo

Dates of Service: Jun 1976 - Jun 1996
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Highly experienced information systems technology professional with 18 years in the financial services industry and 25+ years in the information systems field. Experienced in systems integration, data center engineering, network and network security. Currently residing in Concord, NC with a lovely wife and 4 children. My son spent 8 years in the US Army and now lives across the street with his wife and 2 girls. My oldest daughter is married and stationed in Hawaii with her husband who is US Army (AH-64 maint). My middle daughter lives with her grandfather (my wife' father) who was at one time my CO, they are two houses down and my youngest daughter is in the 8th grade. LIFE IS GOOD

Military Experiences

May 1992 - Jun 1996
Information Systems Chief
Originally was assigned to the MALS as an aviation maint. analyst but when I got there and the Avn Supply Officer found out my background I was seconded to Avn Supply to support NALCOMIS and data systems as part of ADP team. Managed NALCOMIS, and additionally served as 2nd MAW representative for NALCOMIS development - IMA Phase II (conversion from terminal to client server) and OMA deployment. Also managed / supported Banyan Vines and Netware networks. Retired June 1996
Jul 1989 - May 1992
Production Control / ADP
Moved from H&HS when MALS-36 migrated to NALCOMIS. Case of Marine Corps putting a square peg in a square hole for once. Was lat moved to 6047 MOS (now 6049 apparently) based on experience with NALCOMS - actually lucked out when I ran into a Navy Chief I had worked with on the project - he said what are you doing here, I told him sitting in S4, he said he was part of the conversion training team at MALS-36 - he told the AMO at MALS and shortly after that - I was sent over to MASL-36...on a 'temporary assignment' that turned into what as officially called a PCS move..... sometimes you get lucky.
Feb 1988 - Jul 1989
Maintenance Control SNCO
Maintenance Control - T-39 aircraft (glorified taxi). Worst time I ever had in service - some how someone thought they did me a favor and sent me on an accompanied tour to a unit that had 1 airframe (plus two contractor maintained C-12) - and the T-39 had limited parts support, and scheduled for retirement. Thing was a pig of a hangar queen, and when it went away 10 months after I got there and I got stuck in S-4 counting weeds
Jan 1984 - Jan 1988
Production Control SNCO
Production Control -moved from power plants to fill a slot in Production Control, actually found I liked it - and it paid off later on down the road. (NALCOMIS). The challenge of scheduling maintenance,juggling competing priorities and supply issues really was something I could sink my teeth in (plus I kept my hands clean)

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Certified Data Center Management Professional

Certified Data Center Design Professional

Certified Information Systems Security Professional

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