Col Jeffrey Swegel

Col Jeffrey Swegel

Dates of Service: Jun 1982 - Sep 2012
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  • 2d Lt May 86
  • 1st Lt May 88
  • Capt May 90
  • Maj
  • Lt Col Aug 02
  • Col Jan 08
Commissioning Source:  USAFA, May 1986

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A diverse background including Complex Project Management, International Affairs, interagency Strategic Planning, Intelligence, Organization Leadership and Aviation. I have extensive experience in multiple areas of the world, had Intelligence assignments at two national-level organizations and led the Air Force's most visible Operations Group. I’m an in-residence graduate of every level of PME.

Military Experiences

Aug 2011 - Sep 2012
Division Chief
Was both a Division Chief of the Precision Targeting Division as well as the Senior Military Representative to the NGA (West) in St Louis.
Jul 2009 - Feb 2011
11 OG
Operations Group Commander
Commanded the Air Force's "Most visible Operations Group" consisting of The Premier USAF Band, The USAF Honor Guard and the Chaplains at Arlington National Cemetery.
Aug 2008 - Jul 2009
USD Intelligence
Division Chief, Ops Intelligence
Operational Intelligence coordination and tracking for world-wide operations.
Jul 2005 - Aug 2008
13th AF
Division Chief, A5
Oversaw Pacific War Planning for PACOM's Air Component, coordinated TPFDD development/integration and ran 13 AF International Affairs.


(5 months)
May 1996 - Sep 1996
Incirlik, TU
Worked in the operational planning cell for Operation PROVIDE COMFORT and NORTHERN WATCH

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Aug 2004 - Jul 2005

Jun 2000 - Jun 2001

India Defense Services Staff College

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