SGT Patrick Reno

SGT Patrick Reno

Dates of Service: Nov 1982 - Nov 1986
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  • PVT Nov 82
  • PV2
  • PFC Feb 83
  • SPC Nov 83
  • CPL Feb 86
  • SGT Jun 86

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I have been with my current employer for over 23 years. I handle almost all day to day operations in the plant. I started out in Maintenance as a millwright and moved up from there. I am the Head of Maintenance and Purchasing also the Safety and Personnel Manager. My wife and I also have our own metal art business. Renos Wilderness Art. Check to see some of our work. Welding and fabrication, equipment design and istallation, electrical, phaumatics and hydraulics. Logistics and personnel management. design safety plans for new equipment. Administer plant safety plan.

Military Experiences

Feb 1985 - Nov 1986
Squad Leader
Went to basic and AIT at Ft. Benning. Spent my first 2 years in Berlin, with the 2nd Bn, 6th Inf. and the 4thBn, 502 Inf. Most of our training in Berlin was for Urban Combat. We had a huge training center for it. Also went to Italy for a month of winter training in the Alps. Came back to the states in Feb. of 1985 Went to Desert training at Ft. Irwen, and in 1986 went to desert training at 29 Palms. Most of our training at Ft. Benning was in support of the different schools and programs they were running there. I was able to move up through the ranks pretty quickly. Went from E-1 to E-4 in a year, went to my first E-5 board with less than 2 years. Had to have a waiver for time in service and time in grade. Was promoted to E-5 after I was at Ft. Benning.


(2 years, 1 month)
Feb 1983 - Feb 1985
Spent 2 years in Berlin, with training in Italy. Tense Time in Berlin, lots of anti American protests. Marine barracks had been bomded in Beruit at that time. We were getting a lot of bomb threats. Compound was not set up for this type of threat. A lot of barracks were right along the fence lines.

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Civilian Experiences

May 1992 - Present
Plant Manager
I run all most all day to day operations for Tri-Pro Forest Products, at the Oldtown, Idaho Plant. We Currently have just over 50 employees. We produce over 40 million board feet of custom Cedar, Fir, and Pine lumber per. year. I have Benn with Tri-Pro for over 23 years. I would not be the leader I am today had it not been for the Millitary. Took over as plant manager in March of 2017.

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