MSgt April Monthie

MSgt April Monthie

Dates of Service: Oct 1984 - Jun 2006
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  • AB Oct 84
  • Amn Apr 85
  • A1C Feb 86
  • SrA Oct 88
  • SSgt 1994
  • TSgt May 00
  • MSgt Jun 04

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Serves as a primary contact for the Veteran and his/her representative or advocate and the decision-maker for compensation or pension claims. Explains the full range of VA benefits and all related programs. Makes determinations as to eligibility for the type of benefit sought and fully analyzes, develops, and requests required evidence for certain claims requiring a rating decision. Short version

Military Experiences

Sep 2004 - Jun 2006
82 TRW
Base Career Advisor
Responsible for advising over 5,400 officers, enlisted, and civilian members on enlisted retention activities, military/veteran benefits and career programs. Selected duties included: Conducted interviews and counseled military personnel to determine influences on career choices and develop programs to address local needs. Directed and Managed the Airmen, NCO, and SNCO professional education development courses completed between Enlisted Professional Military Education classes. Provided retention reports and statistics to 33 squadron commanders and all Air Force Commands to assess all retention trends. Assisted supervisors and commanders on counseling enlisted members on military benefits, reenlistment opportunities, and veteran’s benefits. Briefed enlisted members at commanders Calls
Jul 2003 - Sep 2004
365 TRS
Flight Chief/Superintendent
Led and supervised 80 military and civilian instructor/instructor supervisors (GS-9/-11's) and training development staff, who were responsible for administering 15 leading-edge avionics courses for 4 AFSC's totaling 448 training days annually. Delivered avionics technicians to A-10, B-1, C-17, F-15, F-16 and F-117 communities worldwide to include active duty, guard/reserve, and international components with 3, 5 and 7 level technicians. Duties included: Managed 15 Technical Training Course with a daily average student load of 500 students. Managed 4 course rewrites and 5 AFSC's merger into one career field with the center of excellence avionics merger from Kessler AFB. Worked as the associate first sergeant for the largest student squadron on base with over 1450 Military Personnel.
Jul 2001 - Jul 2003
365 TRS
Element Chief/IS/Instructor
Led/Supervised 20 military and 6 civilian (GS-9/-11's) instructor and instructor supervisor trained over 250 prior and non-prior service students annually, while providing instruction for over 2000 classroom hours in two years. Duties included: Managed resource utilization; directs maintenance and control of equipment valued at over $31.3M. Directed and managed 4 apprentices and craftsman level fighter and heavy avionics technician training courses and 2 course rewrites. Certified military and civilian instructor qualifications and proficiency; evaluated their instructional procedures and techniques. Reviewed student critiques, course documents, personnel records, and conducted student counseling. Interfaced with military training leaders/flight in recommending student disciplinary action
Jul 2000 - Jul 2001
388 CMS
Production Superintendent
Led personnel and managed over $12M of equipment. Directed and controlled the ATS section repair effort by managing all repaired assets, supply requirements and monitoring the actions of the repair team leaders. Established work methods, production control, and performance standards. Duties included: Evaluated the production skills, aptitude and proficiency of team leaders and team members. Performed and documented all production and supervisory inspections into the collection database. Assisted in troubleshooting complex improved avionic intermediate shop (IAIS) test station and line replaceable unit (LRU) malfunctions and conducted on the job training. Ensured all equipment was calibrated, inspected, repaired, and ready to deploy. Evaluated effectiveness of integrated avionics programs


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Sep 1990 - Mar 1991
Southwest asia ribbon

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