LTC Jeffrey Strickland

LTC Jeffrey Strickland

Dates of Service: Jun 1981 - May 2005
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  • 2LT Jun 81
  • 1LT Nov 82
  • CPT Jan 85
  • MAJ Jun 93
  • LTC Mar 99
Commissioning Source:  ROTC, Jun 1981

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Welcome to my profile. I served 24 years in the US Army and have over 20 years of subject matter expertise in predictive modeling and analysis, as an operations research analyst and analytics scientist. I am the author of 22 books including "Missile Flight Simulation", "Operations Research using Open-Source Tools" and "Predictive Analytics using R". My websites is My skills are focused in modeling, simulation and analytics. E-mail me at Skills: ✓ predictive modeling ✓ analytics projects ✓ quantitative methods ✓ statistical modeling ✓ data validation & reduction ✓ regression analysis & multivariate analysis ✓ time series analysis ✓ logistic & Linear regression ✓ simulation systems & models ✓ discrete event simulation ✓ ballistic missile defense ✓ requirements development

Military Experiences

Jun 2002 - May 2005
Associate Professor
Course Director for the Military Operations Research Applications Program. Taught courses in Applied Statistics, Data Analysis, Mathematical Modeling, Combat Modeling, Simulation, Mathematical Programming, Decision Analysis. Authored course for Modeling and Simulation, using Arena, ExtendTM, and Excel with @Risk. Authored course in Military Modeling and Simulation and Combat Modeling. Taught courses for the School of Extended Graduate Programs, Florida Institute of Technology, including Program Management with emphasis on the SMART process. Authored and taught courses on Monte Carlo simulation, discrete event simulation, military modeling, and combat modeling and simulation at the U.S. Army Logistics Management College.
May 1999 - Jun 2002
Assistant Professor
Coordinator for the Center for Faculty Development and Director of Program Assessment and Evaluation. Taught courses in Probability and Statistics, Applied Statistics, Calculus, Mathematical Modeling, Linear Algebra, and Abstract Algebra. Authored an experimental course in Applied Linear Algebra using Computer Algebra Systems. Course Director for Applied Linear Algebra. Taught an interdisciplinary course in Physics & Calculus. Planned and conducted training exercises for the Corps of Cadets, using Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) simulations and wargames, and JANUS.
Jun 1994 - Jun 1995
4th ID
Assistant Chief of Operations
Responsible to the G3 and Chief of Staff for assisting with the daily operations for the Division and served as the night Battle Major for the Division Main Command Post. Also coordinated the execution of training support for the Idaho National Guard (ING) and managed Division training resources. Conducted deployment studies and analyses and updated the ING deployment plan.
May 1991 - Jun 1994
Assistant Professor
Course director and co-designer of a new course in Discrete Dynamical Systems and Introduction to Calculus. Taught courses in Discrete Math Modeling, Differential and Integral Calculus. Also taught classes on computer software and graphical calculators. Served as the Director of New Instructor Training. Assisted in a database design for a longevity study of cadet performance. Trained cadets on small unit tactics during Military Intercession.


(24 years)
Jun 1981 - May 2005
During my 24 years of military service, I was never deployed.

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Associate Systems Engineering Professional

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