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CPL Richard Flagg

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Attended University of Colorado, Boulder from 92-95’ after transferring from Univeristy of Hartford after one year 91- 92’. Graduated from CU, Boulder with a dual BA Degree in Communication and Psychology. Not bad for someone who sustained a TBI in aparachute accident on 25 May 90’.

Military Experiences

Dec 1989 - Jun 1990
Team Leader SCOUT PLT
After 2 years in Panama coping with Noriega and his cronies an assignment to JRTC was heaven sent. I was assigned to the BN SCOUT PLT as a Team LDR. We got all the choice missions during our OPFOR Rotations against visiting BLUFOR units. In a way JRTC was a natural extension of all the OPFOR Rotations I did in Panama at the Jungle Warfare Center. My career was cut short by a parachute jump accident in May 90’; in which I was seriously injured sustaining a TBI amongst my injuries. I was medically retired by the Army after recoveting and getting out of the hospital after almost 3/4 of a year. I would like to thank all my Brothers from the 1/509th for their friendship and support to both me and my family. I would also to thank God and the medical personal who brought me back. AIRBORNE
Jul 1988 - Nov 1989
Was assigned to C CO and there I honed my skills in the jungle; where we spent a lot of time either Training, OPFOR Duty over at JOTC, and most importantly Security Missions around Howard AFB or other strategic locations during the build up leading to OJC.
Nov 1987 - Jul 1988
5-87 IN
Was PL’s RTO while in the 5/87th until they asked for volunteers to transfer to the 1/508th the BDE’s Airborne BN which I did and sent over to. I did this because I enlisted to be an Arborne Infantryman not a Grunt in a leg unit.


(2 years, 1 month)
Nov 1987 - Nov 1989
Was my overseas assignment with the 193rd Infantry Brigade; where I served in both its battalions the 5/87th and 1/508th.

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Academic Degrees

Started in 1991

University of Colorado Boulder

BA Psychology/Communication, Psychology, Communication