SP5 Michael Rathbun

SP5 Michael Rathbun

Dates of Service: Apr 1968 - Mar 1971
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  • PVT Apr 68
  • PVT May 68
  • PV2 Aug 68
  • PFC Oct 68
  • SPC Dec 68
  • SP5 Apr 69

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The Army effectively took advantage of the technical skills I had upon enlistment and added additional instruction in organizational design, leadership and management. This equipped me for my roles on active duty, and the diversity of positions I have held over the succeeding civilian years. Good work, Hack. RIP.

Military Experiences

Oct 1970 - Apr 1971
Amnesty Program Administrator
Supervise intake, transport, treatment and rehabilitation for personnel desiring to be treated for addiction to #4 heroin. Ensure that unit commanders and NCOs comply with regulations governing the program. Conduct training for EM, NCO, Officer and medical personnel regarding the operational and regulatory requirements. Make phone calls when necessary to compel conformance. Monitor status of program participants until individuals' departures from units concerned. Ensure that records management required by ARs are observed. Give thanks that nobody fragged me this week.
Apr 1970 - Oct 1970
Squad Leader
Starting out as the RTO, eventually leading the squad that theoretically defended a POL yard at Camp John F McDermott, Nha-Trang, RVN. Being deployed next to several hundred thousand gallons of AVGAS and JP4 during a serious rocket incidence kept the blood flowing.
Apr 1970 - Jul 1970
Technical Instructor
Teach electronic theory and practice for diagnosis and repair of complex military communications systems to ARVN personnel through an interpreter. Watch members of the unit freak out when they notice that I am not at all bothered by Viet-Namese cultural norms. Awarded the VNAF Signal ("Atomic Chicken") Badge.


(1 year, 1 month)
Apr 1970 - Apr 1971
Vietnam War
Technical instructor -- teaching basic and advanced electronics through an interpreter. Signal Equipment Maintenance Supervisor Administrator, Amnesty Drug Rehab program -- managed intake, detox and return-to-duty for individuals who wished to get off #4 Heroin and keep their lives and careers. CRF RTO and squad leader.

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Dec 1968 - Mar 1969

Skill Development Base (NCO Candidate) Honor Graduate

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