PO3 Brad Phlipot

PO3 Brad Phlipot

Dates of Service: Jan 1984 - Nov 1991
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Qualified Submarines worked in Weapons, volunteered to change MOS to the surface NAVY. Medically Retired out. In the civilian world worked for Tactical Air Services Of Canada in Global Rapid Response doing armed personal security within the US As I have said before I was Medically Retired out. As a civilian I feel a call to give back to my community. I teach classes on handgun safety and use, I have taught how to build a bug out bag and use it to survive and in doing so have been in the news paper several times and I work with local law enforcement. All of the above I do as a Volunteer when asked to.

Military Experiences

Feb 1985 - Dec 1985
Submarine School then assigned Pre Com USS Nevada SSBN733


(8 months)
Jan 1986 - Apr 1986
I was on the USS Nevada SSBN733, we were tied to the pier that day in cocoa beach and I had the below decks watch. I remember watching the Challenger liftoff through the Periscope and the explosion, it took my breath away and consequently changed my life. I will never forget the brave Astronauts that left the earth that day.
Aug 1985 - Nov 1985
Bering Sea
Deployed on USS Georgia SSBN729 for training and qualifications, Great Boat and the Crew was awesome in helping me earn my dolphins. Awesome People.

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1 Hobbiesinterestsrange time shooting distance. volunteer for police force keeping all their ar's and glocks serviced and i build custom rifles as a hobby free of charge they bring the parts. i like fishing catfish too