SGT Philip Roncari

SGT Philip Roncari

Dates of Service: Nov 1965 - Nov 1968
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Sep 1967 - Nov 1968
Patrolling instructor
Gave opening orienting to AIT companies on types of patrols that were currently being used in RVN.instructed and lead day and night patrols using land navigation methods compass, maps,sand tables,instructed in the use of point and area patrols,ambushes,OPs LPs rally points,also assisted on other ranges at Fort Polk,as needed escape and evasion quick fire land nav. And worked with ROTC cadets when needed


(11 months)
Sep 1966 - Jul 1967
Vietnam ribbon
Vietnam War
Rifleman/Grenadier 4th Div. infantry line company

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NCO Academy Fort Hood Texas

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anything that does not require walking in the woodscarrying a rucksackeating c rats or being shot at other than that i'm good