Maj John Bell

Maj John Bell

Dates of Service: Jul 1978 - Apr 1993
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Influence Score: 1,578,226
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  • 2ndLt May 82
  • 1stLt Jun 84
  • Capt Jul 87
  • Maj Aug 94
Commissioning Source:  USNA, May 1982

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Sustainable Micro-farm based on Dairy goats & Chickens. Every "waste product" raw material for a revenue stream. Value-added products Milk, cheese, deli-meats, soap, pets, leather goods, vermi-culture, herd and flock rental Micro-farming consultation. Restoration wood work. Speculative wood carving fine art. Horse boarding and horsemanship lessons. Paid volunteer fireman and EMT Owner operator of a Temporary Employment Agency Franchise. Sold it back to corporate office and retired to live off the proceeds. Moved to rural northern Michigan where I raise dairy goats and make value added products from everything from their milk, meat, hides, and manure. I also do restoration woodwork and carvings for antique furniture dealers in the area.

Military Experiences

Jul 1992 - Apr 1993
Asst Chief of Staff For Readiness
Assist COS in Oversight of Pre-deployment Operational Readiness Inspections, Consolidated Logistics and CG Inspections. Primary investigator and response draft for Congressional, and Presidential Letters of Inquiry.
Jul 1991 - Jul 1992
Operations (S3A)
Collateral Duty: Temporary MEU(SOC) S-3A mid-deployment
Apr 1989 - Jul 1991
Operations Officer (S3)
Inspected and trained 33 Marine Embassy Security Detachments in sub-Saharan Africa, Conducted interior and exterior security evaluation in conjunction with Dept. of State Regional Security Officers. Later reduced to 17 detachments after formation of Company G
Aug 1988 - Apr 1989
Learned how to function as a staff officer for MEU and larger forces


(1 year, 2 months)
Sep 1991 - Mar 1992
Bn S-3A
Sep 1984 - Mar 1985
Battalion S-2, STA Plt Leader

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Jul 1984 - Sep 1984

Jul 1983 - Aug 1983

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Security Clearance
Top Secret/SCI or higher

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Academic Degrees