MSgt John McGowan

MSgt John McGowan

Dates of Service: Aug 1956 - Aug 1976
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  • AB Aug 56
  • Amn Mar 57
  • A1C Dec 57
  • SrA Aug 59
  • SSgt Jul 64
  • TSgt Aug 66
  • MSgt May 71

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Retired military and retired from civilian job. My goal while in service was to be the most knowledgeable NCO among my peers. I for the largest part was a success. Was able to answer any question by QC or IG's. i knew my manuals and TO's. One of my highlights was to ace the supervisors test during a IG inspection and only have one write up at the branch. Schools with MTC. Basic mechanics ( learn how to file and make small parts, math and drawings). Advantaged mechanics. Electrical basic, Electrical advantaged. Pneumatics. Maintained wire drawing equipment for steel belts for tires.

Military Experiences

Jul 1975 - Aug 1976
AGE First SGT,
First Sgt of Sqd. Prior duty AGE Last assignment in AGE was Branch Chief AGE 15 FMS


(6 months)
Jan 1974 - Feb 1974
Western Pacific
Assign member of PACAF Equipment Management Team. Checked equipment authorized verse what was on hand. Assigned FMS for duties. Write reports and complete forms for turn in of excessive equipment. Was to only go to Vietnam but had to stay because someone got sick. Completed 6 week deployment.
May 1974 - Jun 1974
Western Pacific
See above. Assigned duties with PACAF Inspection Team. Deployment was approximately 7 weeks this trip.
Aug 1966 - Sep 1966
Korat AFB
Korat AFB is support of 18 TFW aircraft

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Professional Development Schools

Nov 1974 - Dec 1974

May 1968 - Jun 1968

Aug 1963 - Sep 1963

Oct 1956 - Feb 1957

Ground Power School

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Academic Degrees

1976 - 1978

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5177b723 Coinsold and new silver and gold.