SPC Jenna Bisenius

SPC Jenna Bisenius

Dates of Service: Jul 1994 - Sep 2002
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OCT 2018: Army veteran based in Augusta, GA & looking for my next job here in the U.S. or internationally, flexible as to role / sector / location. 14 years of international work experience, including 7 years as a contractor in Iraq, plus work experience in Afghanistan, Bosnia, El Salvador and other challenging locales. J_bisenius@yahoo.com / (706) 284-2455 / www.Linkedin.com/in/JennaBisenius

Military Experiences

Jul 1994 - Sep 2002
300th MPAD
• Acted as liaison between media and military, to include providing media accreditation, fielding media queries, setting up interviews and press conferences and escorting media on post and in the field • Provided articles & photos for military publications such as Army Reserve Magazine, the Sentinel and the Wildcat, as well as wrote press releases for civilian news outlets • Provided desktop publishing support to include proofreading, editing and layout & design of publications • Gave classes to soldiers in my unit and other public affairs units on story writing, digital photography, software such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe PageMaker, the M-16 rifle and first aid • Acted as the IT desktop support person and unit historian for my unit as part of my additional duties
2001 - 2002
300th MPAD
Weapons Instructor
Responsible for providing unit members with training on the M-16 Rifle.
1995 - 2002
300th MPAD
Command Historian
Acted as Unit Historian for the 300th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment (MPAD).
1995 - 2002
300th MPAD
Responsible for teaching unit members on topics such as digital photography, digital photo editing, print journalism, newspaper editing, newspaper layout & design, OPSEC, first aid, vehicle PMCS, convoy operations, mine awareness, drill & ceremony, NBC, etc.


(11 months)
Augusta, GA
Provided Public Affairs support (stories, photos, press releases, etc.) during a U.S. military exercise called "Consequence Management 2000" at Fort Gordon, GA.
El Salvador
Assisted with humanitarian relief efforts in El Salvador after Hurricane Mitch.
Jan 1997 - Sep 1997
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Wrote stories for the base newsletter, helped man the news desk at the Coalition Press Information Center (CPIC), acted as transcriber for the daily press conferences in Sarajevo, fielded media queries, acted as media escort on post, provided media credentialing, provided speaker training as well as trained soldiers on how to deal with media.
Jul 1996 - Aug 1996
Atlanta, GA
Provided Public Affairs support (stories, photos, press releases, etc.) during the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, GA.

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Nov 1994 - Feb 1995

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