MAJ Raymond Haynes

MAJ Raymond Haynes

Dates of Service: Apr 1975 - Jun 2004
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Influence Score: 61,204
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  • Cpl Aug 76
  • Sgt Oct 77
  • 2ndLt May 83
  • 1stLt Jun 85
  • CPT Sep 87
  • CW2 Sep 92
  • Capt Feb 98
  • MAJ Sep 03
Commissioning Source:  OCS, May 1983


Over the last 25 years I enjoyed the life as a commercial airline pilot and my career in the military. My memories as an enlisted Marine Sgt. are just as precious as my time as a Marine Captain or Army Major. Unfortunately the time for both have come to an end, and I know that I will never have another opportunity to meet such an outstanding group of people in all my life.

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