SFC Charles Temm

SFC Charles Temm

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  • PVT Aug 79
  • PV2 Dec 79
  • PFC 80
  • SPC 80
  • SGT 81
  • SSG 85
  • SFC 94

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just short of 22 years, mainly in line units but some as drill/recruiter/training eval dude etc. Time in the airborne company of the old 193d, 82d ABN, Recruiting Cmd, 25th ID, 18 ABC, ITB..... working for Walmart in their logistics field, warehouse since retirement from the Army

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Started in Aug 1979
Trainee and first time away from home for more than 72 hrs alone...eye opener at Reception seeing all the guns, drugs, knives, alcohol, spank books etc being dropped into the amnesty box those first few hours there....

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