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Cpl George Crab

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My time spent as a Cowboy gave me skills that are important to my current job of Lawn Protection. roping kids and calves, also knowing when to shoot is very important to both jobs. Training recruits has given me the ability to project my 'command voice', which comes in handy when kids try to enter my yard, also. I REALLY like Cheech and Chong. Did a bit of ranch building and cowboy stuff, since I retired from the Armed Forces.

Military Experiences

May 1976 - Sep 1977
B Co
Drill Instructor
Drill Instruction, as the Hard Hat. Back in the day, Corporals were allowed to become a DI. And sometimes, before his tour of duty as a DI runs out, he has to reenlist. And sometimes, the DI decides to go into a different service. Which, back in the day, was suicide, as far as promotions go. Just ... sayin'. I did other things, before going to DI School. The DI thing being the high point of my being a Marine is why I have DI listed. I became a Corpsman in the Navy, and I went back to being with the Marines.


(1 year, 2 months)
Feb 1975 - Mar 1976
Cryogenic technician. Corporal of the Guard.

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Jun 1974 - Jul 1974

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Cryogenic Technician

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