SSG Jeremy Sharp

SSG Jeremy Sharp

Dates of Service: Jul 1981 - Dec 1990
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  • PVT
  • PV2
  • PFC Jul 81
  • CPL Oct 83
  • SGT Jul 85
  • SSG Dec 86

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42+ years experience and specialized training in the following areas: Law enforcement operations, criminal investigations, aspects of different criminal justice systems, tactical operations, hostage negotiations, terrorism and critical facility security. Proficiency in establishing and maintaining professional liaison relationships with all levels of criminal justice agencies. Ohio Peace Officer Basic Certification; Ohio Peace Officer Unit Instructor;Ohio Peace Officer Firearms Requalification Instructor; Radar/Lidar Instructor: SORAT Instructor; Basic Chemical Spray Instructor, Police Baton Instructor

Military Experiences

May 1990 - Dec 1990
Assigned as Instructor/Writer for the MP Battlefield Division, Directorate of Training, USAMPS.
May 1987 - May 1990
Squad Leader
Squad Leader Division MP Company, Acting Platoon Sergeant for a hot minute then to the Provost Marshal's Office as Operations NCO.
Jan 1985 - Apr 1987
Military Police Investigator
Started as a MP Patrol Supervisor then to CID Office working RFA's. Went to MPI Course and was an investigator and MPI Duty Officer there until I PCS'd to Germany
May 1983 - Dec 1984
Military Police Team Leader
Performed Physical Security duties (PRP) in support of Army Nuclear Missile System Program.


(4 years, 10 months)
May 1987 - May 1990
Drake Kaserne, Frankfurt, Germany
Apr 1983 - Dec 1984
McCully Barracks, Wackernheim, Germany

Military Credentials

Professional Development Schools

Feb 1987 - Dec 1987

Army PreCommission Course (USAIPD)

Sep 1986 - Nov 1986

MP Advanced NCO Course

Jun 1986 - Jul 1986

MP Primary Technical Course

Mar 1985 - Apr 1985

Individual & Special Skill Schools

May 1986 - Jul 1986

Emergency Services Team Training

Additional Specialization(s)
Security Clearance
None / Expired

Academic Degrees

Academic Degrees

1979 - 1987

Ohio University

Associate Degree, Science and Mathematics