SSgt Clare May

SSgt Clare May

Dates of Service: May 1978 - Apr 1987
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  • AB May 78
  • Amn Jul 78
  • A1C Jul 79
  • SrA Oct 80
  • SrA Oct 81
  • SSgt Apr 85

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Kirkland AFB, NM, Osan AB Korea twice, Castle AFB CA., Malmstrom AFB Mt. 8 years 10 months 26 days. Honorable discharge . A street level cop, to a Chief of Police; total time in law enforcement + military spanned 38 years, 1 day in the profession. Certified as a civilian police instructor in officer survival tactics to prosecution of cases & high risk stops- drug identification, Rookies would actually learn something from me, but I didn't teach you hate or ignorance, that you learn on your own, and of course shitting on criminals and making them felons always a win.

Military Experiences

Apr 1986 - Apr 1987
Security Supervisor
up to part time Assistant Flight Chief, fire teams in the field, Fireteam supervisor.
Apr 1985 - Apr 1986
Security Policeman
NCOIC of the Fire Direction Control Center for the 81mm, Central Security Control, Fire Team Leader, ART Team Leader, SAT Team Leader... watching birds and telling people where to and specializing in urban re-development... second tour.
Nov 1985
81 mm Mortar gunner/assistant
Blowing up crap with the 81... loved it, Recertification class... it was winter... 85 degrees in the PI when we left, 50 degrees at Kadena AB when we landed, snowing at Kunsan AB Korea when we "Almost Landed"and diverted into Osan... with a broken leg that the cast fell off after swimming in the ocean. Yep Yep Yep... member that one pretty good...
Apr 1982 - May 1985
Security Police
up to WSA Supervisor for Security, ART Team Leader FT Leader, nukes and birds


(2 years, 2 months)
Apr 1985 - Apr 1986
South korea
South Korea
Fun loving specialist in urban re-development while utilizing the 81 mm... side kicking as a dispatcher...
May 1981 - May 1982
South korea
South Korea
Your art team M-151 cat chasing masters of A and B diamonds.

Military Credentials


Mar 1988

Police Officer

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None / Expired

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